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MacFinder - usefull 68k links...

About The MacFinder

The MacFinder Macintosh link list was started in 2003 at as one of the site´s features. The list is still maintained by and updated on regular basis. To share the list with other pages the domain was registered in 2012.

Now you can embed the MacFinder 68k Mac link list on your page! To embed The MacFinder, copy and paste the following code to your page HTML code. If you have any question or problems, please contact me. You do not need to update the code to have the newest 68k Macintosh links on your page. The code includes a special script to load the content dynamically to accommodate different page heights.

Embed with an iFrame

This is the iFrame code for the BODY section of your page. You can add it to an existing table on your page or create a single page for The MacFinder. The MacFinder on this page is embeded with the iFrame code.

Emded with a Pop-Up window

This java-script is used to open the window, please copy and paste it to the HEAD section of your page. If you have no acces to the HEAD section of your page you can add the code to the BODY section. This code is not blocked by pop-up blockers.

The Pop-Up window code for the BODY section of your page.

Embed with a Frameset

If you use framesets read more.

Link to The MacFinder

If you simply like to use a link, here is the code. The MacFinder opens in a new window.

Please let me know if you use MacFinder on your page and I will promote your page at the news section. The MacFinder is maintained by

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